Products and Technology


Hybrid BEARPHITE that are resin products that can be used in high PV ranges was developed based on conventional sintered metals.



  • Using the ultra-high molecular weight resin material strong to abrasive wear
  • Can be used in high PV ranges → Allowable PV value:20MPa・m/min
  • Same dimensions as rolling bearing for office machine → Can be replaced directly
  • Can be used in soft mating shaft → Suppress of wear of shaft

Examples of use

  • Bearing for Photoconductor drum and Bearing for transfer unit for Office machine(LBP,PPC)

Frictional Wear Test

Test condition

Comparison of the coefficient of friction

  • Shaft SUJ2
  • Clearance 20μm
  • Anbience Normal temperature、Normal humidity
  • Test time 500h