Products and Technology

Multi layer BEARPHITE

Using a new forming method, we have developed "Multi Layer BEARPHITE " having both high strength and wear resistance.


  • We developed an inexpensive bearing with mechanical strength, accuracy and oil retention.
  • Simultaneously molding two materials with newly developed integrated molding method
  • Having high strength and high hardness required for the construction machine bearings
  • High hardness iron-based material on the inner side as the sliding surface, and place the general structure of sintered material as the outer diameter side
  • In developed sizing possible material, machining of conventional process becomes unnecessary, and realize low price
  • Using the material for satisfying the sliding property only to the bearing part, realize low cost by making back metal of inexpensive material
Examples of use
  • Joints of hydraulic excavators

Example of Process

Achieve high-strength and outstanding wear-resistance by the two-color molding method that molds the two different material at once

  • Radial crushing strength of 500MPa or more, oil content of 17 vol% or more
    → Optimized material and sintering conditions for the required strength and oil content without any special heat treatment
  • . Variation in inner and outer diameter dimensional precision of 50 μm or less
    → Sizing process used to maintain precision, eliminating the need for the cutting process
    (values for (1) and (2) above obtained from test results of a bearing with dimensionsφ35×φ45×35)

Friction coefficient of Multi Layer BEARPHITE

Measurement condition
  • Friction surface pressure 100MPa
  • Ambient temperature  70℃
  • Sliding velocity 0.014m/s
  • Bearing size  φ6 × φ12 × 4
  • Mating shaft material S45C induction hardening